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Chicago Data on Police Shootings and Injuries

  • 10 Approximate number of people killed by by law enforcement each year.

  • 200 People are treated in hospitals each year for injuries caused by law enforcement.

  • $500 million has been paid by the City of Chicago during the past 10 years to settle civil suits for police misconduct and civil rights violations.

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An ambulance drives down a street in Chicago.
Non-fatal hospitalizations
About 200 people each year require medical care in a hospital setting following injuries caused by law enforcement.
The exterior of a Chicago Police Department building.
Injuries and incarceration
Of those seeking care following an injury by law enforcement, 75.2 percent are discharged home and only 20.8 percent are discharged to the care of law enforcement.
Protestors hold up signs that spell out the first name of Laquan McDonald following his death in a Chicago Police shooting.
Financial burden on taxpayers
In the past 10 years, the City of Chicago has paid out about $500 million in taxpayer money in civil suits for wrongful death, excessive force, false arrest, illegal detention, illegal search and seizure, civil rights violations and property damage.
Disparities in Hospitalization Rates
African-Americans are ten times as likely to require treatment in a hospital for injuries sustained during contact with law enforcement compared to White non-Hispanics, and six times as likely when compared to Hispanics/Latinos.

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